Om SriGuru Basavalingaya Namah
Guru Basavanna
A great soul from the 12th century India, Guru Basavanna was an extraordinary visionary who gave an unique spiritual path to the mankind. Based on the principles of right conduct (Achara), right knowledge (Arivu), and right experience (Anubhava), this path opened the doors to the enjoyment divine bliss in this mortal realm. Thousands of spiritual aspirants, who came to be known as Sharanas, treaded this path and achieved the highest spiritual experience during his lifetime.
Basavanna’s spiritual revolution was also a comprehensive reform that impacted every aspect of life including the social practices, literature, tradition, customs, religion, and economy. He is considered to be the greatest social revolutionary of all time who accorded social, religious, and economical equality to people from all religion, gender, race and social status. 
Basavanna’s spiritual path introduced the practice of Shivayoga and Linganga Yoga. His path also introduced a new form of meditation known as Dristi Yoga.
The philosophy behind his path is based on the qualified non-dualistic principle (Shakti Vishita Advaita).  He was a strong proponent of monotheistic concept of universal God and strongly condemned the blind beliefs prevalent in the society.
Basavanna introduced an unique free-format style of writing that consisted of short verses of prose/poetry known as Vachanas  to propagate the message. Many of his contemporary Sharanas joined hand and have contributed to this rich mystic literature.
Some of the practices given by Basavanna are followed even to this day by  the Lingayat community, primarily from Karnataka, India.

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