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Basava Divine Center is committed to bringing the universal message and spiritual practices of Guru Basavanna to the global community. This novel spiritual path has the ability to enrich all facets of a person's life. The Center is dedicated to cultivating a global community of spiritual practitioners in the footsteps of Basavanna and his contemporary Sharanas .

Basavanna was an extraordinary visionary from the 12th century India who gave a unique spiritual path to the mankind. Based on the principles of Arivu
(true knowledge), Achara (right conduct), and Anubhava (divine experience), this spiritual discipline brought social, religious and economical revolution in the 12th century. Millions of practitioners followed this path leading to the enjoyment of the divine bliss in their lifetime. Along with enriching the individuals, the eternal message of this path has the power to uplift the society even to this day.

This path advocates a holistic approach of Lingangayoga
(union with the divine). This comprehensive discipline encompasses bhakti (devotion), jnana (knowledge), and kriye (action) in a well balanced manner. The essence and practices of this spiritual path is recorded in Vachanas , the unique mystic literature penned by Sharanas. Vachanas deal with a wide spectrum of subjects. Adapting the messages of Vachanas will help a person enrich his personal, professional, and spiritual life.

Based on the Vachanas of Sharanas, Basava Divine Center is bringing the messages and practices of Guru Basavanna by holding worships & services along with conducting courses & workshops. The center has special programs and activities for the youth.

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