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Basava Divine Center conducts workshops directed towards adults, youth, and children. These workshops, conducted in both Kannada and English, are beneficial to  participants from all levels - beginners to advanced practitioners.

Workshops and Retreats

Photos from the Past Workshops

Hartford Area Workshop sponsored by VSNA-CT

Milpitas, CA Workshop

Los Angeles Area Workshop Sponsored by VSNA, S. California 

Austin Area Workshop, Lake Way 

Austin Area Workshop, Cedar Park

Bay Area, Los Altos & Milpitas

Workshops Offered

In addition to organizing these workshops, BDC facilitates interested groups to conduct them locally.

Basava  Kammata: This series of workshops introduces the percepts of the path of Basavanna such as Panchaachaara, Ashtaavarana, and Satsthala. It reveals how these concepts can be applied to daily life. Teaching how to venerate Guru, Linga, and Jangama, in the tradition of Guru Basavanna and his contemporary Sharanas, Basava Kammata helps you in your spiritual journey. 
Mind and Meditation: This introductory workshop is aimed at preparing the mind of an aspirant for
Dhyana (meditation). Under the guidance of the Vachanas, workings and the mysteries of the mind is unfolded to help an aspirant in starting the process of meditation. Aspirants will also be guided into the beginnings of the meditative world.
Guru-linga-jangama pooje: This workshop will initiate an aspirant and demonstrate the process of venerating guru, linga, and jangama in the footsteps of the Sharanas of the 12th century.
Sriguru Basava Upasane:

This workshop will initiate the aspirant into Basava Upasane in the footsteps of the 12th century Sharanas.

Shivayoga (7 Parts): This seven-part workshop will initiate and advance an aspirant into Shivayoga.

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